Dexion Employees Help Clean Up Rasnov’s Treasures

  • Dexion Employees Help Clean Up Rasnov’s Treasures

Dexion Employees Help Clean Up Rasnov’s Treasures

Over 100 Dexion employees signed up for Dexion’s CSR initiative to help clean up some of Rasnov’s main natural and historical attractions.

Dexion was established in 2006 in Rasnov in the old warehouses of the Rasnov Tooling Factory. Following an investment of over 12 million Euros to reorganise and modernise the location, Dexion grew into the biggest local employer and a landmark of the area.

Together with the Rasnov City Hall, and as part of its Corporate Responsibility Programme, Dexion organised an action to help clean and recondition the surroundings of some of Rasnov’s  most important historical landmarks as well as some nearby natural attractions.

Rasnov is a town in Transylvania, Romania, located in the touristic county of Brasov. Rasnov dates from Thracian-Roman times and is home to a newly restored Saxon fortress from the 14th century, plus many old Saxon houses. In German the name of the town is "Rosenau", which means rose meadow. The town is rapidly developing into an important tourism town, while new Bed & Breakfast (B&B) accomodation and further attractions are being developed. Those who travel through Brasov county stop to see the fortress, but many people stay for a few days to enjoy its blend of nature and fun.

“I was hoping many of our employees would join us in spending a few days out and helping Rasnov become even more welcoming for tourists. I was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm of the Dexion volunteers, who already exceed one hundred. I am confident they will do a great job next weekend.” said Lucian Cazacu HR and Administration Manager for Dexion Romania and initiator of the event.

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