Dexion launches Distributor Training

  • Dexion launches Distributor Training series

Dexion launches Distributor Training

Dexion, pallet racking and shelving manufacturer, decided to raise the knowledge within the UK’s network of approved distributors, improving their technical understanding of in-house manufactured products, through a series of training courses.

Over the next 12 months, Dexion will cover subjects such as warehouse safety, pallet racking design and erection, shelving for fast picking solutions and a whole range of other storage solutions.

Kicking off in November, with a training session in Coventry, England, this training program was attended by designers and sales people from ten of Dexion’s approved distributors in the UK. The first session covered technical details on Dexion’s Light & Heavy duty cantilever racking, safety products such as column guards and barriers as well as a range of accessories for pallet racking and shelving. All of these products are designed and manufactured by Dexion in its own factories.

To ensure this knowledge was passed on correctly, they called on Dexion’s in-house Product Specialist – Florin Neacsu from their Romania factory - to present these products to their Distributors. Alongside Florin was Uwe Junker, Constructor Group’s software expert for Dexion’s own pallet racking design package ‘RackStar’ that all Dexion Distributors use.

Both, Florin and Uwe, said that the Distributors were a pleasure to train and eager to learn, while the distributors stated that they all thought they had learnt something new and were looking forward to the next session in the new year.