Rasnov children compete in Easter egg painting contest

  • Rasnov Easter Egg Painting Contest

Rasnov children compete in Easter egg painting contest

Students in Rasnov took part, for the eighth year in a row, in the egg painiting contest on Maundy Thursday.

Maundy Thursday is more widely known, as the day when the eggs are painted red, because it is said that eggs reddened this day will not spoil all year.

Historically, the eggs were dyed with onion peels, peel rattle lily with red or lime flowers; and were finished by wiping the shells after they were cooked with bacon or lard to give them a glossy finish.

People also believed that if these eggs were buried at the ends of an estate it would safeguard it from hailstorms. Besides red eggs Romanians nowadays also paint eggs yellow, green or blue.

Special attention is given to this custom in Rasnov, and nowadays there is an annual competition that takes place, with students from all schools in the city participating. Children, amateurs and those experienced in the art of egg painting, can give a true demonstration of the craft.

For several weeks before hopeful participants prepared in dedicated workshops, a shortlist are then created, finally twenty finalists are invited to participate in the much anticipated contest. The contest was born more than a decade ago, at the initiative of Lucian Cazacu, HR Manager at Dexion and former religion professor. He began to organize egg painting workshops in all schools in the city and introduce children into this folk art.

With time and with the help of local authorities, today's event is fairly large scale and which has become a tradition for the City of Roses. The event has already reached the eighth edition and was organized by the City Rasnov, Rosenau Association - Tourism and Dexion.

With Dexion’s help, the most beautiful painted eggs were awarded and all the attending children received gifts as well.

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