Rasnov’s Green Area Is Now Cleaner Due to Dexion’s Volunteers

  • Rasnov’s Green Area Is Now Cleaner

Rasnov’s Green Area Is Now Cleaner Due to Dexion’s Volunteers

750 bags of waste were collected from various sites around the Rasnov area as a result of the cleaning activity attended last Saturday by Dexion employees.

100 employees from Dexion, led by the General Manager, welcomed the challenge to clean up the Rasnov area and some of the nearby points of interest.

The Dexion volunteers were split into groups, each group were assigned a specific area and task. Along with the waste collection activity, the teams cleared dry vegetation from access roads and restored the fire hearths from the Rasnoavei Gorge area.

As a result of Dexion’s voluntary act, an impressive 750 bags of waste were collected, making this area one of the most pristine tourist areas in Romania. Waste was collected and divided into bags for plastic, paper and metal to make recycling easier.

Dexion’s voluntary activity was supported by the Mayor of Rasnov, Adrian Vestea and by the Goscom company, who kindly provided transportation for the collected waste.

"I want to thank all of my colleagues who attended the event on Saturday.  It is thanks to their efforts that we managed to collect more than 750 bags of waste, rebuilt the fireplaces on Rasnoavei Gorge and removed a large amount of dry vegetation. I am certain that their efforts and hard work will serve as an example to others. I want to extend my thanks once again to all Dexion employees who acted as a team and choose to spend their free time helping to maintain a clean and healthy environment." said Lucian Cazacu, HR and Administration Manager for Dexion Romania and initiator of the project.

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