J&A Asian Foods Installs Mobile Pallet Racking from Dexion

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J&A Asian Foods Installs Mobile Pallet Racking from Dexion

A mobile pallet racking was installed by J&A Asian Food to provide increased pallet locations within the freezer compartment, while reducing energy costs. In addition, an efficient Drive-in solution was installed into their shock freezer.

J&A Asian Food is a division of the De Vries Poultry Company, based in Nijkerk, which was established to primarily supply Japanese and Chinese restaurants with meat products across the Netherlands.


J&A had recognized that they required a larger production area within their new building, so that they could increase storage capacity. This would allow third parties to store their own meat and fish products. Therefore J&A Asians’ key objective was to increase the number of pallet positions as much possible.


J&A did not have an existing storage solution, as their primary focus wasproduction, until they decided to expand into services. This means they would be able to store supplies for 3rd parties. The production area in their existing building was being fully utilized, so they decided to expand it.

Their new 2290 m2 accommodates now a combination of P90 pallet racking in the dry storage area and mobile pallet racking in the freezer area.

Standing 14 metres high, the mobile pallet racking now provides 3,000 pallet locations and, as this solution requires only one aisle, the storage capacity is doubled, providing a compact storage solution, which also significantly reduces energy costs.

The shock freezer can freeze up to 80 tonnes of incoming goods at a time, which are frozen to -20 C. The Drive-In solution, which was installed, stands 5 metres high and offers space for up to 60 pallets.

The mobile pallet racking solution from Dexion was recommended as the ideal solution for cold rooms. It performs great in temperatures as low as -50°C.

This, combined with an understanding of how they could maximize their storage capacity, made it easy for J&A to choose Dexion the perfect storage solutions provider.


  • 400 m2 space expedition
  • 90 m2 of production space
  • 500 m2 of dry storage (not refrigerated)
  • 1,000 m2 of freezer
  • 300 m2 of office / dressing / canteen
  • Drive-In capacity: 60 pallet places
  • Mobile pallet racking capacity: 3,000 pallet places
  • P90 Pallet Racking capacity: 684 euro pallets or 504 block pallets