Dexion proves to be the perfect fit for EMMA

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Dexion proves to be the perfect fit for EMMA

EMMA is one of Europe’s leading manufacturer of shoes . But you won’t find their products on the catwalk because the company, based in Maastricht,  designs and manufactures protective footwear that puts safety first.

For more than 80 years EMMA Safety Footwear has produced shoes and boots that do their job superbly. They use top quality components to ensure a superior fit, optimal comfort and complete safety in the workplace. This emphasis on getting it right is one of the reasons they chose Dexion to supply the storage solution for their new premises.

As an existing customer, the footwear company knew that Dexion had a reputation for quality and had a comprehensive range of products in standard sizes. What they needed was a bespoke solution, designed specifically for them, but without a designer price tag.

Superior fit, optimal comfort and complete safety

After discussions with the client about their exact requirements, the Dexion team offered two possible solutions, with the client opting for a solution based on modular shelving.

”They needed a beam length of 1100 mm and a frame height of 2700 mm which is far from standard,” said Berry Vanneer of Dexion. ”We were able to supply this and our solution meant we were able to fit in 370 sections of shelving 500/600 deep with 3 shelves per section. The racks have been designed to take into account the dimensions of the products, with the drop heights exactly aligning with the sizes of the shoes or boots. They are the perfect fit for maximum storage capacity.”

EMMA says that their safety shoes are made for intensive use and have an unprecented long life span. When it comes to storage solutions, these are the same qualities can be applied to Dexion.